Orchestrating Disruption


Digital Transformation is defined by digitally enaging customers, empowering employees, optimizing operations, and enhancing products and services simultaneously.  However, Digitization occurs when an enterprise implements one or many digital technologies.  Alois Digital has developed Centers of Excellence (CoE) for each key digital technology and can provide implementation expertise for each.

Centers of Excellence

Big Data & Analytics

Harnessing the data generated by your customers, and your enterprise's operations and supply chain gives you the opportunity to provide new levels of performance. The right insight into this data can transform your supply processes, use of assets, and performance of services, strengthening your customer relationships and enabling you to out-perform the market.

Cloud Services

Cloud is becoming an ever-present delivery option for all kinds of technology.  We overcome the constraints that limit cloud adoption, and enable a transformation from legacy on-premise technology to a cloud-first way of operating.

Cyber Security

Transforming the front and back-end of your business to make the most of new ways of working is a strategic imperative. Doing so securely with
effective cyber defense is a powerful enabler for your strategic

Internet of Things (IoT)

The actual technology to make the IoT practical and affordable has only been around for the last few years. Together, with the advent of  communications protocols, the evolution of processing power, speed, size, and energy efficiency, advances in machine learning and visibility of data streams, prototyping platforms, and smartphones have all created the opportunity to act on decades of ideas.

Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence

We view Artificial Intelligence (AI) in three main categories: 1) big data,  2) machine learning platforms, and 3) AI tools.  The big data categories enables aggregation of large datasets with which one can apply machine learning (e.g., IBM, Microsoft, Google).  The machine learning platform category takes large amounts of data, apply algorithms to them to identify trends or common occurrences and effectively predict or identify insights or common responses to areas so one can better learn the likelihood of that occurring again (e.g., IBM, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook).  AI tools are what we call human to machine interface tools.  These tools understand the world the same way that a human does.


Mobility has become central to the way enterprises conduct their
business, enabling employees and customers to be always-on and powering the next wave... the Internet of Things. Enterprise
mobility goes beyond mobile apps and ensured a ‘mobile first’

Social Media

One expectation is that Social media is highly measurable and targetable. This is challenging due to the complexity of display advertising, search and the social technology landscape. Most digital marketers still lust for a clear, financially oriented media plan that communicates their performance and future investment opportunities. We strive to offer superior digital advertising and performance marketing.

Mixed Reality

Mixed reality (MR), sometimes referred to as hybrid reality, is the
merging of real and virtual worlds to produce new environments and
visualizations where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact
in real time.