Orchestrating Disruption

Cost Reduction
Alois Digital's mission: expense reduction consulting related to project management, IT strategy, process modeling, industrialization of build and run IT steering, methods and governance.
Reduce costs by work units for development and maintenance, the total cost of the licenses and the cost of the workstation.  Support change of work methods (Lean, Agile) to drastically reduce development costs and increase project ROI. Improve the understanding of business specific needs and steering indicators to reduce non-quality costs in your IT project. Assist the client in receiving fiscal facilities in order to reduce innovation costs.

  • Architecture
  • Development and Maintenance
  • Infrastructure and Cloud
  • Optimization of Business Processes
Growth Acceleration
Alois Digital helps you to drive the growth of your company thanks to digital tools, web marketing, IT industrialization and human capital development.

Align your organization toward a growth-focus
Growth is a systemic phenomenon that requires the alignment of all corporate functions, including IT.  Ensuring IT alignment with growth is a more and more complex challenge for various reasons:

  • Data volume boom
  • Architecture increasing complexity embedding heterogeneous items
  • IT decentralization

In such a context, scalability becomes the key word, especially in relation to:

  • Infrastructures on demand within a cloud computing approach
  • A flexible and scalable software factory (service center, offshore)
  • A service-oriented architecture allowing the decoupling of different elements of the Information Technology in order to easily integrate rapid evolutions
  • A web ecosystem (Internet site, e-commerce site, client portal) and a Search Engine Marketing strategy to reduce client acquisition and loyalty costs

Turn your IT, Internet sites and Search Engine Marketing into growth leverage factors
IT and web ecosystems must not be seen as cost centers but moreover as performance vectors as long as they are designed upstream to accompany or support growth.  From a functional point of view, the IT’s contribution to growth relies on the following:

  • Fostering innovation through knowledge management tools and collaboration.
  • Implementing new offer/product accelerated launch processes based on PLM (Product LifeCycle Management) approaches.
  • Fostering information valorization through ECM (enterprise content management) and BI (Business Intelligence) tools; according to MIT, companies that have a data strategy achieve in average a 5% higher productivity compared to their competitors.
  • Digitizing supply chain processes, including recruitment and client experience.
  • Embedding the SEM dimension – search engine marketing (SEO – search engine optimisation, SEA, SMO) before website design in order to achieve optimal efficacy.