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Envision a corporate world where humans, machines, and vast storehouses of enterprise knowledge are intuitively linked to achieve innovation, collaboration, enterprise improvement, a competitive advantage, and corporate growth.  This Integrated Intelligent Enterprise (IIE) world is not in the distant future.  Many digital emerging technologies, such as Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality (Mixed Reality), Big Data & Analytics, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Internet of Things, Virtual Personal Assistant/ Machine Learning/ Artificial Intelligence (AI), Social Media, and Wearables already exist. Today, these technologies are viewed as ‘tools’ with no instructions of how to apply them, individually or together, to achieve optimal corporate outcomes. 

We view AI in three main categories: 1) big data, 2) machine learning platforms, and 3) AI tools.  The big data categories enable aggregation of large datasets with which one can apply machine learning (e.g., IBM, Microsoft, and Google).  The machine learning platform category takes large amounts of data and applies algorithms to them to identify trends or common occurrences and effectively predict or identify insights or common responses to areas so one can better learn the likelihood of that occurring again (e.g., IBM, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook).  AI tools are what we call people to machine interface tools.  These tools understand the world the same way that a person does, but can process big data correlations into predictions and prescriptions much faster and more accurately then their human partner.

Alois Digital has developed a Prototype Solution we call Integrated Intelligent Enterprise (IIE) that is a pre-packaged enterprise intelligence AI software solution.

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